Essatto gives the user the ability to build and generate dynamic and custom graphical dashboard views. The interface is both intuitive and well laid out so that the user can be up and running, creating dashboard views within minutes. Why use Analytics? Analytics, also known as Business Intelligence, involves the process of data interpretation and presentation in dynamic and graphical formats. The resulting benefit of having the ability to view data in such formats is that decisions based on comparative analysis are made faster whereas viewing a page of numbers requires both time and greater effort. The Essatto Analytics module is built on an industrial strength business intelligence framework that enhances the basic functionality found in the standard versions of Essatto with the added benefit of full customization of views including embedded content, navigation links, commentary, images and formulas.

Have you ever wanted to create forecasts based on currency, product, price, revenue, expenses, capex or other variables? Better still, have you ever wanted to be able to layer multiple forecast based scenarios for comparison? Essatto allows you to create a range of forecast scenarios and run profit/loss, balance sheet and cashflow reports based on these hypotheticals. You can compare the actuals against the forecast and based on this either retain or adjust the forecast according to the base position. Typical forecasting requirements include Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Expenses, Capital Expenditure, & Labour.

Unless you have an expensive enterprise system you are most likely using a complex array of spreadsheets and Access databases to consolidate and report across data sources which can be both time-consuming and risky. Furthemore, it could take up to several weeks after month end before meaningful information can be collated from these disparate data sources. Imagine having the ability to quickly generate Key Performance Indicators across all divisions of your organisation with a solution incorporating a simplified user interface, the ability to create & edit reports, an integrated data refresh (from source), Excel dynamic outputs and budget inputs.

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