Essatto Accountants Version

The soon to be launched Essatto Accountants Version is designed to allow accountants to manage multiple clients data files to create standardised branded reports and analysis. Accountants will also have the ability to benchmark across multiple clients and provide clients with access to their data.

Please contact us for more details about this cloud based application.

Key Features

– Branded on-line/drillable client performance summary.

– Cross Client Benchmarking opportunities.

– Integrated Dashboards, Reporting and Forecasting in one platform.

– Month, YTD, Full Year variance anlaysis by line item and KPI across multiple scenarios.

– Consolidation of multiple client data files and entities.

– Individual client budgeting and re-forecasting capability.

– Drill through from summary levels to individual transaction.

– Normalisation of client data using different ledgers, charts of accounts etc into one platform.

– Ability to modify and create multiple variants of a client’s chart of accounts structure without impacting their ledger

– Data can be uploaded from multiple sources e.g. tax office, sub-ledgers etc.

– Foreign Currency Translation capability

– Extensible platform to accommodate additional needs as identified.